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Thanksgiving 2022

   As we celebrate the Thanksgiving season, we have much to be thankful for! Through the help of our family, friends, and supporters God is helping and providing for the ministry so that we can reach more people and serve for the sake of the kingdom!     Even though the political and economic situation in Haiti is very difficult right now, we have hope that God can change the situation and we are thankful that despite everything He is working and moving. God is bigger than the situation Haiti is going through!     We are so thankful that God provided and we have been able to reach 99 children so far in the nutrition program. When we found these children many of them were severely malnourished. With the 6-week nutrition treatment program, there have been big changes made! We are praying that God will continue to provide so we can continue to educate and support the families while they are taking care of their children.   Thank you so much for your support! You are the reason that we are

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